This program is COMPLETELY FREE to use!


LuvToSing is a unique form of karaoke request system. We allow for song requests via smart phone or any wifi device. NO MORE SLIPS TO PRINT, NO MORE PENCILS TO BUY. NO MORE BOOKS & UPDATES TO PRINT!!!!


 Drive more singers to your location with Location Maps, Facebook advertising and KJ Finder.


LuvToSing allows for KJs to take song requests by singers smart phones, laptops, ipads, ipods or any other wifi device. It works off of a website not an app, so there is no need for singers to register, download or install any programs just simply go to a website and submit their requests.


This allows for the "KJ" to:

 1. Concentrate on important things like the sound and vocals of each singer.

 2. KJs don't have to worry about lost slips, unreadable writing or unnecessary questions like "do you have this song?" or "what do you have by this artist?".

3. KJs can update their music database in 5 seconds every time you get a new song and it is viewable immediately at no cost.

4. KJs can bring in more people to their venues with the facebook login, by having singers log into there facebook when submitting requests. When singers do this and submit a song it posts their song on their facebook status with the song they are singing, the KJ that is working the venue and the name of the venue you are at, as well as directions to the establishment. This is done with every submission from the singer.

If you would like to learn more about Luv2sing, what it does and why you should be using it please click on the links below to view videos on what it does and how it works.




Please send us an email for more information.