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Getting to your DJ:


1. Go to


2. Press "Login".


3. Register, log in with Facebook or select the option to Request w/o login


4. Find the KJ you want to send requests to or the establishment.


5. Select "Make Request" to the right of the map.



 Now you are ready to search for a song.





To send a request on your phone or mobile device:


1. In the Search box type the Song Title and/or Artist


(The more info you put in the higher on the list it will appear)(After 4 letters are typed it will auto search)


2. Select "Request" on the right when you have found your song.


4. A pop up box will appear asking for confirmation that you chose the correct song. 


5. Press "Cancel if it is the wrong song and try again. If correct press OK"



6. Sit back and wait till the KJ calls you up.





----------"Helpful Tips"----------


If you use the Facebook Login (Recommended)


It auto saves the songs you have requested while signed in through the facebook login.

This allows access to "Your past requests" This has every song you have requested

and can be re requested in 2 clicks. This list is stored online which means you can never lose it and can access it any time you like.

You only need to login through the facebook login once a night. There is no need to log out unless you are on a pc or device that someone else can use.




~~~ KJs~~~

If you need to dowload the DJ Dashboard Lite Version please log in as a KJ, click on "Download App" This is the free version and if you decide you want more tools and options with no adds, its only $12 a month and you can just click on upgrade at any time either on the dj dashboard lite or on the website after signing in.

You can go to the youtube tutorials for help with setup and tips by going here...


 TUTORIALS & Help Videos